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Our dream is to enable & empower the visually impaired community across the world through smart-technology devices.
Our mantra – Using Technology that puts People First!
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Saarthi Assistive Mobility Device Designed To Work Both Inside And Outdoors
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Assistive device for persons with visual impairment

Saarthi mobility device assists with obstacle detection and easy navigation inside personal spaces, offices and even outdoors.

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Ergonomic Design

The device is designed integrating user feedback of more than 1,200+ blind users and has a reliable *30 days battery life.


Saarthi offers 99.7% accuracy rate in obstacle detection and offers great navigation support both indoors and outdoors.

Range Options

Users can toggle between 3 range sets – Low – 2ft, Medium – 4ft and Max – 8ft with excellent response accuracy.

Simple and Efficiente

The core-design fundamental of the device is based on 3 factors – easy to learn, simple to use and maximum efficiency.

Truly Designed and Developed by the Blind and for the Blind.

Easy Navigation. Anywhere. Anyway. Anytime.

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Accreditation From The National Association Of Blind And Blind People Association

We have so far touched the lives of over 5,000+ visually impaired persons across India and want to connect with more. We want to reach out to the global community as well and share our innovation.

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Navigation and Detection

The device offers 99.7% accuracy in obstacle detection and navigation support so that the blind users can easily and comfortably use it in any setup without the fear of bumping into obstacles and facing severe injuries.

3  Ranges

Saarthi offers 3 different ranges for the user to toggle from 2 feet, 4 feet and upto 8 feet. The device accuracy is maintained across all ranges and the user can easily toggle between ranges with braille support.

Ergonomically Designed with Efficient Battery

The device has been ergonomically designed integrating user feedback of more than 1,200+ blind users in order to facilitate great comfort for prolonged usage. The battery is rechargeable by any micro USB charger and one charge on the device lasts for more than 30 days with a daily usage by the blind person.

Mountable on any white cane

Saarthi has an adjustable screw that allows it to be mounted on any white cane providing support for the blind user on their cane, as the cane for the blind user is like their extended arm and it takes years and years of practice to get comfortable with their particular cane.


Saarthi has been designed and developed to make maximum impact at the low-income household segment, therefore, is affordable and can be bought by any user from their own savings.

Truly Simplistic to Learn & Operate

Simple to Use and Effective are the core of our design and therefore the device-usage training takes just 10 minutes while the adoption of the device in user’s day to day is user dependent.

Donate For A Cause

TorchIt “Donate for a Cause” program allows individuals and organizations to support blind/visually impaired users by sponsoring a product for empowering the user with the Power of Independence to make their lives more comfortable and happier.

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